• What we teach is more relevant for real jobs. 
  • Companies look for skill sets and abilities more than they do for paper credentials.
  • We do not charge the students any fees.
  • During the course of study, we pay a stipend.
  • And, after successful completion of the course, you are automatically inducted as an employee into Zoho Corporation, a world leader in cloud-based software.
The world is constantly changing and progressing. What are you doing differently that makes you stand out?

If the well-trodden path is what you seek, good luck! But, if you are a curious nonconformist looking for lifelong learning, we welcome you to the world of Zoho University!




If you are raring to achieve your career goals and would rather not let a conventional college education stand in the way, Zoho University is where you should be.
Zoho University now operates only from two locations in Tamil Nadu, India. Applications are welcome from all over the country!


of Zoho Corp's workforce does not  have a college degree

Zoho University


For students looking for a well-rounded training in software engineering and product development.

Zoho University


The School for Advanced Study is what it says it is; for students who can already code, build small applications, and want to do even more! Students should aspire for this if they are clear about what they want to do, and want just the right nudge and the perfect stretch goal to aim even higher.

Zoho University

School of DESIGN

For students with a keen interest in art and an eye for aesthetic detail, a finishing school for user experience professionals.

Zoho University

School of Business

A successful business needs more than just high tech and great visual design. A heady mix of excellent support, effective marketing, and efficient sales is as important. If you have a yen for selling, a way with people, and power over the written (and spoken) word, we might be your meaningful alternative to a conventional business school degree. 


"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

-Mahatma Gandhi


How credible is Zoho University?

ZU has been operating for more than 13 to 14+ years with 720 graduates overall, comprising 10% of Zoho's employee count.


What will Zoho University teach me?

You will be taught hands-on software engineering,  relevant English communication skills, and helpful mathematical concepts.


What should my basic qualification be?

Your age should be within the range of 17 to 20. You should not have any academic qualification higher than Class 12 or 10+3 diploma.

Way back in 2004, curiosity had us running a poll at Zoho to find out, 

How useful
​was college?

How useful and relevant do you find the 'education' you received at college to your current job?


How it all started...

And so, we realised that almost all learning that was really useful for work, was learnt while on the job!

What do we do at
Zoho University ​that ​typical colleges don't?
​(and perhaps can't)

Practical exposure to actual work.

Dynamic syllabus structure.

Expert teachers who are active practitioners too.

Stipend during training period.

Opportunity to learn and work with IT professionals.

Focus on comm. skills, not plain old grammar.

High speed internet, 

A/C classrooms.

Assessments adopt open-book, group-projects approach.

The Alumni at Zoho Say


We look forward to learning about you.
Thank you for your interest in a career at Zoho Corp.
We wish you all the very best.

Are you over 20?

Do you already have a degree?

You can't apply for Zoho University, but if you're still keen, please apply directly to 

Zoho Corp

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temple of learning?

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